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Artist : Brigitta Vaneylen (BRIVANY-label)


Unique Ceramic Art;

Brigitta Vaneylen was born in 1958 in Belgium, Sint Truiden. ‘’BRIVANY’’ is a combination of her names and also represents a Scottish heritage. During her young years it became clear that Brigitta was to become a natural artist. She found a mentor in her own family, teaching her the fundamentals of pottery. Looking for culture and art and their place in her life she went on a journey throughout the world. From Nazca, Inca and Aztec cultures in America towards the African plains in Mali, Angola and South Africa. After visiting Asia and Australia she went to Spain where she found the ideal place to continue her ceramic creations.

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Brigitta quotes

“The Mediterranean colours are so vibrant and vivid, it feeds my inspiration, an unlimited source that I was lucky to discover and shall treasure for life.”

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