Duvan Duvan Investments

Duvan Duvan Investments

DUVAN DUVAN GROUP has been created as a result of 15 years of real estate activities in Europe

Our real estate activities fulfil all the related services and advisory, residential property sales and lettings, Land sales and commercial property sales. Our construction and property promoting has delivered over the years villas, apartments, town houses with great success.

Our team provides the complete planning, contracting and execution of property development, delivering cost effectiveness and risk management.

Our real estate investment department is in continuous research, planning and  execution of investment opportunities As national specialist in Spain and with a great ambition seeking opportunities worldwide.

Our strategy is to progressively investigate and evaluate the future and current investment destinations and their realistic, fundamental backbone, making them exceptional opportunities under the guidance of internal and sourced experts. These investigations that turn  into opportunities are accessible by our investors from the first mere seed of interest, to the final structured proposal, allowing an open debate and evaluation whilst balancing the pro facts and negative factors. This will then evolve into a successful product or the entire exclusion of said product; whichever solution is supported by majority vote of the investors and common sense of our experts.

Our current investment product(s) extend to residential/office/commercial/industrial/social development, and land banking.

Our strategy needs to be border free and dependent on structured investigations and expertise.

Investor involvement and close interaction without designated commitments are very important to our company. This provides a strong foundation and a natural evolution into a current investment success.